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The Weight Loss Accelerator Program Benefits

Root Cause Resolution:

Specialized program to address overweight issues by targeting inflammation, high cortisol, and hormonal imbalances, chronic habit resolutions.

 Blood Sugar Balance:

Transforms metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning, reducing weight loss resistance, low energy, excessive appetite, and cravings.

Reduced Inflammation and Toxicity:

Decreases excessive inflammation and removes toxins without the use of harmful drugs.

Sustainable Weight Loss:

Avoids yo-yo dieting and promotes lasting health and body composition changes.

Comprehensive Support:

No more GO IT ALONE. Support and Accountability –the #1 thing our clients love most about this program. Includes Health, Lifestyle, and Diet coaches to achieve body goals and maintain long-term health.

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What the program includes

Features & Benefits

6 All Natural Supplements

 Personal Health and Lifestyle Coach

  Personal Weight Coach

On-Call Doctors

After program Lifestyle plan

Client Guide

 9 Weeks of Mentorship and Coaching

 AFTER PAY payment plan available

We care about your success, not just your wallet.

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Meet Angelica,(RHN, D.Ac)0 founder of you Defined. With over three decades of experience in holistic wellness, Angelica brings expertise and empathy to every client interaction. Join us on a journey towards better health, tailored to your unique needs.

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Witness the incredible transformations of real people just like you, achieving amazing results with the Weight Loss Accelerator program!

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