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Meet Angelica, founder of You Defined. With over three decades of experience in holistic wellness, Angelica brings expertise and empathy to every client interaction. Join us on a journey towards better health, tailored to your unique needs.

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A RESULTS GUARANTEED Weight Loss Accelerator Program Resolving unhealthy eating and stress patterns Uterine cleansing to help resolve cysts, fibroids, and painful periods.

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Hi Angelica, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me today… I truly believe my guides sent me to you for many many reasons. I was just explaining to my mom a few days ago that I’m so happy that I found you and working on my health in such an amazing way… In the start it was for me to lose weight and get my confidence back but now it’s about really getting my body healthy and it’s truly not just about looking at the scale… and today you have shown me sooo much more, you really don’t know what you have done for me, I am so truly thankful, blessed that I found you 🙌✨🤍(Mind, body and spirit) You are a true earth Angel Angelica! Sending you love and appreciation THANK YOU!!!…🙏🏻XXOO🙏🏻

Kelly J

Kelly J


Angelica, I’m so happy to write a testimonial for you! Having you guide me through this journey has been such an amazing experience, your (health) knowledge and insight about what was at the root of my emotional eating has truly been an incredible eye-opener for me. Down 22 pounds and 2 weeks to go!!

Rebecca M

Rebecca M


Wow!! I’m down 18 pounds this morning🤗 day 22! So impressed and excited this program rocks!👍

Finley B

Finley B


Since starting the weight loss accelerator program, I’ve experienced a transformation beyond what I thought possible. Not only did I lose 32 pounds, but I’ve gained myself back. My confidence is through the roof my old clothes fit and some are loose!! The guidance and support from the program, but especially Angelica‘s incredible insights and support have been invaluable in helping me to make solid lifestyle changes. I can’t thank you enough I’m so thrilled and excited to continue on this journey.

Sara N

Sara N



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